The South is legendary in its affinity for great literature, storytelling, humor and famous quotes. A rich tapestry of strong family relationships mixed with hyperbole and a strong sense of character and sense of place remain the common themes.

I are truly indebted to your work.
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Great Southern Writers Syndicate brings you the best of current great southern writers, columnists and cartoonists for your newspaper, magazine, web site, or publication. Pull up a rockin' chair, relax, and breathe the fresh clean air of great Southern rhetoric and muse.

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Some, but not all great southern writers include:

William Faulkner
Mark Twain
Pat Conroy
Willie Morris
John Grisham
Tennessee Williams
Rick London (Represented by GSWS)
Thomas Wolf
Sidney Lanier
Alice Walker
Lee Hiller (Repsented by GSWS)
Lewis Grizzard
Dr. Tom V. Morris
Olive Ann Burns
James Dickey
Harper Lee
Margaret Mitchell
Flannery O'Connor
Erskine Caldwell
Maya Angeleau
Eudora Welty
Carson McCullers
John Berendt
Truman Capote
John Kennedy Toole

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